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Characteristics Of Field Research

Field research is one of the most comprehensive, combining observation and exploration with individual consumers. It integrates these functions:

1) Establish what the target market is.

2) Set a goal for those types of consumers. How will they react to this product? What are the characteristics that seem most attractive to you?

3) Define how many people will be included.

4) Do the research and collect the data.

5) Analyze the information and create a report.

The final result is this document where you will know how well a campaign would be directed under the conditions you applied for.

Secondary Research or cabinet research

Through this research, information is obtained from a public source and, therefore, anyone can have access to it.

As we already mentioned, within the previous classification we can indicate the direction of the types of research and their measuring instruments.

Causal research: used to identify the effects and causes of the variables. As an example, we can mention the prices or the attributes of the products.

Descriptive and continuous research: it is an investigation designed to describe the characteristics of a population according to its geographical area. It is performed periodically to detect changes in preferences, places of interest, or factors that may affect or alter consumer preferences.

Applied research: this market study is aimed at detecting the failures of a certain strategy.

Experimental research: as its name implies, it leaves the natural perimeter of study; It is used to know the reactions of consumers to a product or service in order to evaluate such responses.

Specific research: it is carried out through an evaluation applied to a social group, on the consumption of a specific product and a certain time.

Motivational research: it is a study that is applied to a small group of people, in which the evaluation is conducted by a psychologist specializing in the topics addressed. Seek to identify the purchase trigger as the short- or long-term satisfier associated with your product.

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